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Holley by the Sea is a great community of aprox 5000 homesites, that feature various home styles and neighborhoods. The price range is from around 200K to 600K. 


There is a large clubhouse with, gym, meeting room, three pools. basketball court, tennis court, handball, RV parking, beach house, picnic area, beach, boat launch, 


There are still new homes available in the community.


Weather Predications

Thu, Jul 19th 9:00pm 76°
Fri, Jul 20th 12:00am 75°
Fri, Jul 20th 3:00am 75°
Fri, Jul 20th 6:00am 75°
Fri, Jul 20th 9:00am 75°
Fri, Jul 20th 12:00pm 75°
Fri, Jul 20th 3:00pm 75°
Fri, Jul 20th 6:00pm 75°
Fri, Jul 20th 9:00pm 75°
Sat, Jul 21st 12:00am 75°
Sat, Jul 21st 3:00am 75°
Sat, Jul 21st 6:00am 75°
Sat, Jul 21st 9:00am 75°
Sat, Jul 21st 12:00pm 75°
Sat, Jul 21st 3:00pm 75°
Sat, Jul 21st 6:00pm 75°
Sat, Jul 21st 9:00pm 75°
Sun, Jul 22nd 12:00am 74°
Sun, Jul 22nd 3:00am 74°
Sun, Jul 22nd 6:00am 74°
Sun, Jul 22nd 9:00am 74°
Sun, Jul 22nd 12:00pm 75°
Sun, Jul 22nd 3:00pm 75°
Sun, Jul 22nd 6:00pm 75°
Sun, Jul 22nd 9:00pm 75°
Mon, Jul 23rd 12:00am 74°
Mon, Jul 23rd 3:00am 74°
Mon, Jul 23rd 6:00am 74°
Mon, Jul 23rd 9:00am 74°
Mon, Jul 23rd 12:00pm 74°
Mon, Jul 23rd 3:00pm 74°
Mon, Jul 23rd 6:00pm 75°
Mon, Jul 23rd 9:00pm 74°
Tue, Jul 24th 12:00am 74°
Tue, Jul 24th 3:00am 74°
Tue, Jul 24th 6:00am 75°
Tue, Jul 24th 9:00am 74°
Tue, Jul 24th 12:00pm 75°
Tue, Jul 24th 3:00pm 75°
Tue, Jul 24th 6:00pm 75°

Area Information

Average Price: $0 (0-0)
Beds Per House: 0

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